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Couples who play together, stay together!

We so truly believe this quote, it's certainly something that resonates with us.  Couples who play together, stay together... we've been together for over 27 years and been married for over 20 of them.  We certainly know the importance of making time to have fun together.  Just the two of us.

As you know, if you've read our story, we've certainly been challenged throughout our relationship and are under no illusions that we will face more challenges as we go through life.  That's just how life is.  We've come to appreciate that we have our biggest growth in times of challenge.  We've also come to realize that in order to keep our relationship strong, not only do we need to communicate with each other and show up for each other, we need to make time to have fun together too.  That, for us, is incredibly important.   If we don't make the effort to book time out with each other, to do something fun, life gets in the way, kids, works, bills, family, friends, are all vying for your time and attention.  And then, next thing we look and months have passed by since we last had time together to have some fun and we are wondering why we are feeling so triggered.

So, in lieu of the above, we've decided to put this option together to firstly increase the element of FUN in our lives and also so we can help others do the same, as well as meet and have FUN with other couples that are looking to improve their relationships, the time they spend together as well as improving their health and well being.

We love adventure, most of us do, so it just makes sense that we make the effort to do more of them together.  Horse riding, kayaking, exploring, hiking, shooting, 4x4ing, snorkeling or perhaps even doing a cooking class together... whatever takes our fancy for the month.  HEY!   We are even looking at organizing an African Safari and learning to surf in Bali! The main ingredient is FUN!  And sometimes... just sometimes, it may involve pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones a little.  And yes getting us off the couch!  We will finish off each adventure with something yummy to eat, enjoy more conversation and laughter and either have a nice cold one, glass of bubbles or a cup of coffee, whatever takes preference on the day.

Sounds good doesn't it!!  YES!  Yes it does!

If this interests you, then please either contact us on the link below, or join our meet up group and we will put you on our Adventures membership list and will keep you informed about what the next adventures will be.  

We hope you DO join us!  Time to have some FUN together as a couple.  Life is too damn serious sometimes man!  We gotta live a little and have some fun together while doing it! 

Looking forward to meeting you all and having some FUN and epic adventures together.  Spread the word, the more the merrier!  

Onwards & Upwards!

Adventures with the Smiths

... for Couples

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