Life Hack Workshop in Feb!

YES! We are running another workshop due to popular demand! Calling this one Life Hack! DATE: Saturday 18 February TIME: 8:30am – 1:30pm What's it about? Taking control of every aspect of your life! Finding fulfillment, happiness and balance in EVERY area! What’s a life hack? The life skills we all have, but have forgotten about or haven’t used in a while OR didn't know you had! We help you hack into your skills so you can use them in the positive, powerful way you were meant to. Yes, it IS life changing, THAT we guarantee! Do you want to be focused and energized for 2017’s catapulting success? To fully take control of your life? Well then we suggest you join us! It IS time

Another year nearly over - so what does next year look like for you?

How DO you set goals you can actually achieve? Goal setting is not as difficult as you may think. Yes of course we can complicate it, as humans we can complicate even the most simple of things, but we like easy. Easy means we are more likely to stick with it. So how do you do it. Particularly important to start working on your goals for next year (that's next month by the way!) NOW! If you haven't started already. Ruthlessly Eliminate Your Goals Your goals are competing with one another for your time and attention. One of the fastest ways to make progress on your goals is to press pause on some of the less important things and focus on one goal at a time. Re-organize your priorities

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