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Curves with Confidence - love the skin you're in


I specifically created Curves with Confidence to help woman to love the skin they are in!

Regardless of what size your curves are, as long as you are fit and healthy nothing else matters.

It's particularly important as we age and our bodies start to change with each phase we go through that we

make sure we love who we are! 


           Something that has taken me most of my life to accept and to finally love my curves and the person I am. 

Going on 50 soon so yes, its taken a while.      

I was severely bullied at boarding school because I was different and I tried to hide my personality and my

curves for as long as I can remember.   Pretty hard to hide a big bum, big boobs, big lips and big laugh, it was like

a full time job and one that took way too much of my energy.  

The "not good enough" song played loud in my head for a very long time.

It's taken commitment and a LOT of learning, healing and growth along the way to get past my negative stories. 

Some days that pesky little song still tries to make a come back!  So I by no means have all the answers, but

what has worked for me and continues to work for me, I am more than happy to share.

It's a path I am grateful to have been on, as hard as some of the lessons have been. 

It's a path that has made me learn to take better care of myself, to ensure I am fit and healthy and to do

what I can to help myself age young and to make time for ME everyday!  Without the guilt!

I even managed to control menopause naturally, loose weight (10kg in under 6 weeks!), get fitter and healthier

and have more control when the moody blues creep in, keeping my energy up and positive.

    It's because of all these lessons and learnings over the years that I can share my story with the hope that

my message, learning and techniques I use and have learned over the years, will help other women, like YOU,

to gain more confidence and truly appreciate everything that makes YOU uniquely special.

So you can truly have curves with confidence and love the skin you are in!

      I offer the following online programs:


        You can either click on the link or email me to discuss which program is the best fit for you here 


Click here for further details of what each course entails here!

Plus, I offer an online membership (ladies only) that gives you access to further trainings,

one on one coaching, blogs, posts and videos all to help you through your journey.

I also regularly run free online webinars in the FB group below and I share a video about dressing for your

curves on a weekly basis too, along with the odd make-up and skin care video here and there - so keep a look



Coz you know, when you look good, you FEEL good! 

So if you haven't already, join me in my Facebook Group



Its fun and it's real!

... my aim is that you will reconnect with yourself, be more positive, love who you are, increase your energy, be more confident and wear your curves (no matter what shape or size they are) with confidence. 

To truly love and accept everything that makes you a unique and beautiful individual. 

Because beautiful people, the more we love who we are, the more energy and confidence we have to love

others more too.

And lets face it, the world needs more of that!

Onwards and upwards!



Be, do and have it all, you choose!

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