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John Smith

Ex-SAS Marine, Mentor, Advisor, Health and Safety Specialist, Plastics Engineer,  PaMPITO Certified Assessor, Industrial Relations & Discipline, Personal and Business Leadership expert, MPI Certified, Professional Certified Personal & Corporate Coach, Sports Coach (Rugby, Touch and Boxing) and a Provincial Boxer.

Coaching training with Kate & Henare O'Brien, Jack Canfield, JT Foxx, Bob Proctor, Sally Anderson of Evolved Leadership, Site Safe, Vertical Horizons, YB12 and Wealth Dynamics


Be, do and have it all, you choose!

John has over 35 years experience in a variety of fields from Technical and Engineering positions to senior managerial, leadership and coaching positions and has been working in a senior leadership capacity for over 25 years.


John has excellent relationships with everyone he deals with, has a great sense of humor and has ensured a positive change for staff, clients and business productivity in every position he has been in. 


He is energetic, honest, fun and inspiring! 


Evident with the success his staff, clients and sports teams have had and the positive relationships he has with everyone.

"My passion is about making a difference in the lives of others, to get teams and people to step it up to be the best they can be! 


True leaders! 


I have many years experience in sports coaching and fitness and have coached numerous boxing, rugby and touch teams to success.  As well as getting every work group I have ever managed to step it up to be the best in the corporation/industry they were in. 

Yes, life certainly has its ups and downs as is evident with what we've been through to date.  Along with the challenges I've had to deal with in my later years, my life also started on a rather shaky path with an unstable and stressful family life. 


Violence was normal and communication was not! 

I was sent to start boxing at the tender age of 5 to "toughen me up".  I excelled at boxing and won many fights and tournaments I was entered into - even though it was not my natural tendency. 


I then volunteered to join the South African Marines at the age of 17, which of course "toughened" me up even further, (not that I needed it!) plus I continued boxing for the Marines too. 


I left the Marines at 19 years of age and went to college.  I felt lost without the direction and discipline the Marines gave me and I turned to alcohol and partying to help me though. 

Fortunately it was at about this time that I met Kim and she completely changed my life around!  We became firm friends. 

No matter the difficult experiences she has been through she remains positive and upbeat and manages to see a different side to the challenge we may be facing.  She tries to look at the positive in every situation, no matter how small the positive is. 


She taught me to use my words, instead of my fists. 


Something I'd never done before!  My boxing training used to come in very handy when searching out bullies.

Don't let the challenges you have been through define you as a person.  It's in the challenges that we have our biggest lessons and ability to grow as a human being.  


Its the challenges that help you realize just how capable you truly ARE! 

As Elenor Roosevelt says, "Life is what you make of it!"  Regardless of the difficulties you may go through, remember what is important in your life and more importantly WHO is important. 


Make the most of the time you have on this planet, learn to love yourself, take committed action and have more FUN! 

I am truly passionate about helping people to become leaders be it at work or at home, because we all have that gift available to us, we just need to learn how to use them better.  To become better and more effective so they can lead in a positive and inspirational way."

My favorite quote is

"Life meets nobody half way" 

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