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Kim Smith

Mentor, Advisor, public speaker, Professional Certified Personal & Corporate Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Diploma's in Effective and Improved Communication, Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations, Administration, Training, Nutrition & Fitness.

Coaching training with Kate & Henare O'Brien, Jack Canfield, JT Foxx, YB12, Bob Proctor, GAZ, The Freedom Collective, Deb Rowley, Sally Anderson of Evolved Leadership and Udemy. 


Be, do and have it all, you choose!


Kim is a qualified coach and mentor with over 15 years of experience.  She has over 25 years senior management experience in the corporate world and works in-depth doing training, coaching and mentoring.  She is an inspiring writer and speaker and runs a number of online workshops and seminars. 


Kim has an infectious way about her and manages to inspire everyone she deals with to step things up, to take control and to see things from a different perspective.  She's often asked where she gets her energy and positive outlook from - which she has run a few online courses on.


She has a great sense of humor, is a great listener and is truly easy to talk to.

Kim's passion is helping people to grow, create and communicate.  Helping them to love who they are, find their confidence and passion, get healthier, increase their energy and take action to make the changes they want to make.

"​We've certainly had our fair share of life's "little" challenges to deal with. 


Dealing with terrifying experiences in South Africa like home invasions (YES!  we were in the house!) and being in bomb blasts, to name a few, we knew we needed a change for ourselves and our children.

Immigrating to a new country at 8 months pregnant with a little 3 year old in tow was certainly a challenge on its own.  We moved from South Africa to New Zealand over 20 years ago now. 


We missed family and friends and the financial struggles we dealt with during those first years in New Zealand pale in comparison to coping with the sudden and devastating death of my beloved brother and his wife only 2 years after they immigrated to New Zealand.  To top that off their darling little girl, who was only 5 at the time, was left orphaned and came to live with us.  

Redundancy, cancer, murders, financially and emotionally draining court cases, asthma and allergies, boarding school, car accidents, bullying and the deaths of close friends and family members can be added to all that.

Life certainly has a way of making you stand up and take note of what is truly important. 


It has a way of reminding you that you can only control yourself and how you deal with what comes at you and that there are lessons in all of those challenges you deal with.


Personally I refuse to let all the difficulties we have been through pull me down and define me or make me bitter.  I try to make a conscious effort to be thankful for all we DO have each and every day and find the lesson in whatever challenge we face. 

Helping others to change their outlook in life, to let go of their negative self talk and limiting beliefs is an incredible feeling!  

We all deserve to have more love, success, fun and abundance in our lives! 


We are all worth it! 


I focus primarily on working with women who have lost their love for themselves and who struggle with energy - which is where Curves with Confidence came from.  I truly believe the more we love who we are, the more love and energy we have to give to others.  


If you have got to a point where you know you NEED to change and WANT to change, please get in touch and we can start a conversation to see if I'm a good fit for you. 


Just remember, you are worth it and deserve it!  Do what makes you YOU and what makes you shine.  


Get in touch, would love to have a chat"

Live with more fun, flow and freedom

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