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Letting Shit Go!

The art of not hanging onto negativity.

  • 45 minutes
  • 169 New Zealand dollars
  • Online meetup

Service Description

A lot of us tend to drag around a lot of unnecessary baggage for waaay longer than we should. And all the does is weigh us down, stops us from truly enjoying life and sucks our precious energy. Let alone the opportunities it stops us from taking! Coz we are so focused on what happened in the past. What we could have done better. What could have been. How unfair. How shit everything was... and all it does is fog our lenses for what is right in front of us and the future we are able to create for ourselves. I have learned a LOT about letting shit go over the years. And as for most of us, I have had a LOT of shit I've had to drop. This wonderful online program will give you a whole lot of tips and tricks to help you do just that. And then! Then you can free yourself up to truly live and appreciate the magnificent life you've been blessed with.

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