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Tick tock... time, who wants more :)

Holy Moly! What has happened to the year? Time flies doesn't it! In fact we are pretty sure we get less time every year, a few hours get subtracted from our quota every year, surely. How is it that life just seems to get busier and it gets more and more difficult to fit everything we want in. Sound familiar? Well the thing is, we all get 24 hours in a day. What we DO with that time is what counts. We love it when our clients say, "I don't have time" that gives us a chance to do a time exercise with them. AMAZING the time we do find when we do that. The trick is to be mindful on what we are spending our precious time on. How much time do you spend on your devices? TV, computer, ipad, games... "I'll just check Facebook for a few minutes... and then you look again, whoops! An hour has gone past!" What? How did THAT happen? We are seeing more and more clients needing help to find extra time. Its time that makes the seemingly elusive work/life balance so tricky to control, how DO we fit it all in. Work... life... you know how it goes. We help our clients find that precious time so that the time they do have is utilized fully and not consumed just by work. Yes we all need to work, but you know what, we all need to LIVE too. Nobody gets to the end of their time and says, "MAN! I should have spent more time at work!" Something to think about. Particularly as we only have 2 months to the end of the year! Eeeek! Have a super October! Onwards & Upwards Kim & John - aka Mr & Mrs Smith :-)

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