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June news - Doing it now!

Hard to believe we are already half way through the year! As they say, time waits for nobody! So what have you been doing with your precious time? Yes we call time precious around here, well because it is! It drives us NUTS when we hear people saying things like, "ahh yes, I will do it tomorrow" or "I will do it next week or sometime" or... horrors of horrors, "I will start when I'm ready or the situation is better, or ... insert what ever comes to you here." Noooo.....! How do you know for sure that you will get that tomorrow, that next week? How will you know when you are ready? Fact of the matter is, you are never truly ready for anything. There will most certainly always be something to do, to sort, to wait for, to organize, to change. Nothing is perfect. This is the reason why we say, do it NOW! Don't put things off for a better day or better situation, that time may never come! Do what you can, while you can, NOW! Its in the actual DOING that things get done. Not the wishing, hoping and praying. So many of us act as if we have this endless amount of time waiting for us! Well, surprise, surprise, we don't! So STOP acting like you do. So, if you have been putting something off (yes! we all do from time to time, so don't be shy, its called being human). Change the pattern of procrastination by putting a date and time to when you are going to DO it and then STICK WITH IT! Even better, get someone to follow up with you to ensure you actually do what you've said you would. So what if it isn't perfect, so what if you need to make a few changes, that's ok, the point is you have actually started. Nothing happens unless you take action. I think that is why so many more people are looking for life, business or health coaches these days. They have realized that they are just not getting the results they want on their own and are possibly not taking the consistent actions required to achieve success. A good coach ensures you take consistent action, holds you accountable and helps you through the change. So get to it! Life waits for nobody. On that note - talking about doing. Our next adventure has been confirmed for the 24 June @ 10am. Anyone keen to join us on the track? Indoor karts - with the track to ourselves! Yes please! See more info on the following link I'm looking forward to trying this adventure out. John is pretty good at racing so its going to take something of a miracle for me to beat him. But I'm willing to give it a good go! Once we are done at the track we will go enjoy a delicious meal and a few drinks at a superb restaurant close to the track. We can then brag about our close calls, who was cheating and of course share some cool stories together. Spots are limited, so get in touch quick! And on that note, I will leave you with this - tomorrow is promised to no one, make the most of today! Have a brilliant month everyone. Onwards & upwards! Kim & John

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