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What does being a great leader really mean? In lieu of our leadership workshop coming up on the morning of 4 November we thought we would chat a bit more about this in our newsletter this month.

Well we believe that becoming a leader gives you the opportunity to magnify your impact in the world. It allows you to leverage the hearts and actions of others toward the achievement of goals and objectives that you really care about. It allows you to produce bigger results faster than you could ever do on your own. And while we’re possibly not all destined to become leaders on a level like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs or Mother Teresa, we can all learn to develop our leadership skills for positive impact in our organizations, our local communities and even in our homes and on our sports fields.

Along the way, we can even help transform the people we lead! We can help them grow, expand and improve. We can help them cope better, think bigger, and become more confident.

Growing people is what transformational leaders do every day. Here are a few qualities that we think elevates someone to the significance of a great leader. And goodness me, we need more of those now don't we. GREAT LEADERS! Great Leaders are Open to Feedback

A great leader is not afraid of hearing the truth. In fact, they seek out feedback from their team, their peers, the marketplace, and their customers. They don’t argue with the feedback or get angry. They just take it in as information on how they can improve things.

Leaders Create a Safe Space

A great leader creates a safe space for people to voice their ideas, concerns and solutions. Nothing should be off the table. A great leaders door should always be open. Leaders Listen Without Prejudice

In fact, listening without prejudice is probably the greatest skill of a leader. It’s how new ideas get heard and gain traction. It’s how new products are invented, new methods are developed, and innovative solutions become mainstream solutions.

Leaders Use Sensible Responses to Different Situations

True leaders understand that they have the opportunity and ability to respond differently to every situation. When events arise – good or bad – leaders see these events as neutral. But they see their response to that event as crucial.

Good leaders know that the way they respond can save a situation or make it worse. They can turn a negative event into an opportunity for positive change. They can turn mistakes into teachable moments for their team. They can use sensible responses as examples that transform their team members into smarter, more productive and more collaborative participants in reaching the goal.

Leaders Transform Other Team Members into Leaders

A great leader transforms individual team members into people with leadership qualities who can take on greater responsibility and begin leading key aspects of a project, business or initiative.

The world is getting faster and more complicated. As a leader, you’ll no doubt face increasing levels of uncertainty and complexity—that’s just how the world works. You can not possibly know or control everything. So one way to overcome this is to coach your people to take a leadership role in their part of the project. Let them take ownership. It empowers them.

Growing people! There is nothing quite like it.

John has worked with many corporations, both large, medium and small. Particularly helping leaders to hone their skills and give them the tools and training they need to transform themselves and other team members into smart, motivated, responsible and forward-thinking people who are focused and driven to achieve goals in their organization. Driven to do more than what is asked of them, because they want to.

If any of this resonates with you, or you think it may resonate with someone else, please pass it on and pass on the workshop details. John will be covering this on the 4 November, 9am - 1pm @ $50 p/p. For anyone who has someone reporting to them: managers, owners, supervisors, leaders. And to finish off, as some of you know, John and I have been together for a while, over 27 years actually. We decided we needed some more fun in our lives and made a pact to make an effort to have some fun and adventure at least once a month. We also decided it would be a great idea to invite other couples to join us to add to the fun. So, our next adventure is Standup Paddle Boarding on Sunday 29 October at 11am to around 3pm in Takapuna. If you are free and keen, come join us! Contact us for more info. Have a brilliant month!

Onwards & upwards. Kim & John

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