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How prepared are you for your opportunity?

This time of year seems to really push people a bit doesn't it. Are you finding yourself, or others, a little more touchy, tired or stressed out than usual? Not so much of the Christmas spirit going on yet.

Deadlines to meet, people to see, functions to attend, shopping to do, budgets are stretched! There is just so much going on that the last thing we think of is how prepared we are for the new year. There's not much room for laziness or excuses to achieve a clear plan for your life moving forward. Effort and sacrifice are part of the deal.

There is a great saying: there can be no celebration without preparation! Or another great saying that we love is: luck is when preparation meets opportunity! We all probably know people who have given up on making a success of their life because they couldn't take the pressure. Then there are others who wanted success but couldn't handle it when it arrived. We are sure you are different. You are the kind of person who isn't satisfied just sitting on the sidelines; you're going to go for it, whatever it takes! If you have the passion, the price or sacrifice won't stop you.

Yes some days you may want to give up, you may have dirt under your fingernails but, in spite of the scrapes and bruises, passion will make you want to do more to get you ahead and closer to your goals. So, when the going is tough on your journey, remember this bit of wisdom: there's never been a day that lasted forever! Don't give up and don't give in. You've got this! And on THAT note, John and I have made a BIG change for ourselves and our family next year. We are very excited to advise that we will be running the beautiful Waihi Top 10 Resort on Waihi Beach! Excited yes! Scared absolutely YES! Pushing our boundaries, yes, yes, yes! We are completely pushing ourselves to have more, do more and BE more than ever before and to ensure we live the life we truly want for ourselves. Yes, our business will continue to run. So for those of you wanting a get away, come see us at the resort! It is AMAZING! And for those of you needing help with your goals and getting past the scary stuff, get in touch. We are happy to help. Lastly, I am running a Teens to Queens fun day on the 27 January for girls between the ages of 13 and 16 years. To help them grow their self confidence, to love who they are and give them fun tips about fashion, makeup, style, health, fitness and adventure. We even have a Segway adventure organised for them. If you know anyone that could benefit, please get in touch for further details. Early bird special available too. Here is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Onwards & Upwards!

x Kim & John

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