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Well hello again …. long time no news


We've been off the grid a bit this year so this is a prime opportunity to fill you in with what we've been up to this past year... and what our goals are moving forward for 2019.

WOW! Hard to believe its only been a year! What a ride!

As per our last newsletter John and I decided we needed to make some changes in our lives. We were tired of living in the corporate rat race while trying to work on our coaching business, as well as the busyness that living in a big city brings.

SO after 16 years in Auckland... we made the decision to move. In fact I think the exact words were, "anywhere in the Bay of Plenty as long as its near a beach". Not a new story by any means... however...

What happened after that moment was truly incredible...

Within 4 weeks of us making that decision, we had found a job, a place to stay, handed in our notices, advised our coaching clients, paused our coaching and adventure business, packed up our home and children and took a week off in between to go camping with the family - all while celebrating Christmas and New Year! In 4 weeks!!

We found a place to work and stay at a beautiful beach town in the Bay of Plenty, running a premium resort that was right on the beach! Literally a minute walk. (and NO! We had never run a resort before! Whaaaat?!?!)

Packing up our home actually meant sorting through all our stuff and allocating some to our son who was going to stay in Auckland to continue studying and working as an electrical apprentice and the other half was donated to charity as we couldn't fit all our belongings into the apartment that came with the job.

It was also at this time that our gorgeous niece who had just turned 16 decided she wanted to come live with us again, so it meant sorting all that goes with that out and getting her to us from Wellington! That was such a blessing during a very scary time. So glad she is home with us at last!

And then there was the matter of settling and finding schools for our daughter who was 15 and of course our niece, as well as trying to help our son of 19 find a place to stay.

Getting my head around the fact that he would not be living with us was another story all together! Oh my! Loads of tears were shed about that... again, a story for another time :)

And so off we went, moving on the 4 January and starting work at the resort on the 8 January 2018! YES! Slap bang in the middle of the craziness of peak season and a fully booked premium resort.

Holy moly! Talk about a baptism of fire! It was insane!

To add to the pressure of finding our feet as a family, not just a new job for John and I, in a new industry, in a new town, we were also expected to be able to fully run the resort and all 3 departments in just over 2 and a half months of starting as the owners were off to Europe on a 2 month holiday.

Talk about pressure! We didn't quite know what hit us!

Being the people we are, we threw ourselves into our new positions with all the experience, love and energy we had, spending crazy hours learning as much as we could, coming up against numerous obstacles along the way... staff morale was very low, staff turnover very high, procedures (and there were MANY) were not being followed, we had 5 cyclones hit us in the first 5 months of the year alone and many other challenges (again a story for another time).

After 11 months of constantly being on the go and on call (that's what happens when you live at work - you don't realize that until you actually live in it... no space is your own), being under paid, unappreciated and unsupported, we decided we needed to make some changes and fast.

We had made many positive changes since starting... staff morale was higher than it had ever been, our Global Review Index (how guests review us) was higher, better and more consistent than it had ever been, we had made some wonderful, life long friends and helped countless people in so many ways... however we were not feeling fulfilled or happy and financially severely constrained with not enough time to put into ourselves or our coaching.

So we advised the owners and started looking to move again... our financial budget was blown, we had to take loans just to make ends meet and now we had to come up with money to move again... far out... stressful, scary times... but we knew we needed to do it, for our health and sanity and that of our family!

Time together is precious and as you can imagine, horrendous hours and with differing schedules (there is no Monday to Friday in the hospitality industry) your precious family time together is stretched.

It was at that point that I decided to fully look into the attraction/affiliate marketing business some of my friends were doing so well in. The universe had given me a prompt of this opportunity in May already (and consistently after that too) but I was too busy to fully look into it and appreciate it... until now! So I did more research, spoke to more of my friends involved and took the plunge. You are given a 14 day opportunity to deep dive into the business and if after the 14 days you are not convinced its for you, you can opt out, no questions asked.

Perfect timing!

I have not looked back! I just LOVE everything it stands for and the help, love, support, encouragement, training and opportunities its brought has been mind blowing! PLUS I get to continue coaching and helping others and loving and supporting myself, others and our planet. It has ticked all my boxes and more!

John also found an amazing opportunity with a company that has also ticked all his boxes and more, utilizing all his incredible skills, however only snag... due to start February/March 2019!

Oh my word! So now what? Negative niggles on the rampage... are we failures, what if's, what will people think, what about our family, children, finances... you know how it goes...

We were in such a dilemma, knowing we needed to get out of the resort ASAP, however mindful we had to find a place to stay, pack up and move and support ourselves and our children for the next few months... and of course Christmas is coming up...with no official income coming in...yet!

BUT we believe in ourselves...

We do the inner work, we know we have love and support, we know we have what it takes to make this work, we know that we have been sent on this path for a reason... we have to trust things will work out...

We've worked hard to get where we are and we deserve a life of positive abundance. Attracting it in can sometimes get a bit messy... but not for long...

So we did it!

We found a lovely place in another town just over an hour from where we were and only a 10 minute walk from the beach... yes! Blessed! ... and so, we moved... 1 December... in the pouring, driving, rain!

John joined a temp agency so he can bring some cash in, in the meantime and I am focusing on growing our affiliate marketing business and coaching again.

As life has it, challenges make you stronger... and to add to the challenge of moving and starting afresh again so soon, after the first day in the temp job, John hurt his back! And then on the 2nd day of the job, a re-occurring health issue he's been working on all year, decided to raise its ugly head again, causing him incredible pain and his face to swell! He spent some time in hospital early this year due to this issue... yes... this journey we are on is certainly not what we would call easy... but then nothing that is worth it ever is!

Happy to report John is feeling much better and stronger again, the healing process was so much quicker than it has been in the past, thank God. I also have a sneaky suspicion it has something to do with the magic water he's consuming now! (watch this space)

We believe in and back ourselves. We are good, kind, loving people who are making a positive difference in the lives of others and our planet... THAT stands for something.

We are focusing on our goals, getting clear with what we are calling in, being committed to doing the work (for our business and ourselves) and trusting in the perfection of whats going to unfold.

Taking responsibility for our lives - because if its not working, you gotta change things so that you can have more, do more and be more!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Onwards and upwards!


Kim & John

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