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Dealing with disappointment

When things don’t go the way you planned, boy it can be really gut wrenching. That negative, low, heavy feeling that comes over you. The self-pity, upset and even anger, so easy to wallow in it – sometimes for ages… We recently got some really disappointing news. It’s a hard knock and seems to be one of many we’ve had recently, when things like this happen, even after you’ve done all the so called “right stuff” - It really hits you for a six. We’ve prayed, visualised and truly believed that this would come through, and yet it didn’t. It’s like a kick in the guts from the Universe – the one that has your back... Now we know and truly believe that everything happens for a reason and we also believe that we are guided and have a path we are meant to be on, that God only wants the best for us. And we're sure that there is a very valid reason for what looks like a big time, monumental set back right now - and right in the moment it HURTS! The bitter pill of upset and disappointment is hard to swallow. So how do you move forward…? How do you let it go? Well firstly you don’t… you just sit with it for a bit… let the emotion of it all wash over you – have a cry, scream, sulk, sleep - then start looking for answers – how can you do things differently, what do you need to learn from this... Go ground yourself, take a moment to just be, journal about it - you will soon find other opportunities you are being led to… Focus on what you DO have going on for you... gratefulness really IS the best soother of all, coz it changes your focus and your mindset.

And then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and straighten your crown and begin again. Trusting that you are being led by a greater power who truly knows what is best for you.

Deep breath... we've got this!

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