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Focusing on the light

I have a friend who ‘plays in with the dark’

Well that’s what they think anyway…

But truthfully – I think it’s the darkness playing with them

You may think you have control

But unless your strength and focus is in the light - the darkness will always have control and the final say

What do I mean by the light?

Everything that is good…







A knowing that something bigger, bolder, greater, brighter and more powerful, that is all about LOVE, is guiding you every second of the day – that lifts you up, believes you are amazing, incredible and worthy of everything good in life.

THAT is what I mean by the light…

I like to call my light God and that is what I focus on – every day – no matter how my day is going… by focusing on the light, I manage to protect myself from the dark and lift myself up from whatever challenge I am faced with.

Don’t get me confused with religion – I am spiritually connected – absolutely! But not necessarily religious.

I do all I can – every single day – to focus on the light, to build my energy up and protect it - by being grateful for all I have, all I am blessed with – no matter how seemingly small and “insignificant” they seemingly are.

I know that I am guided and protected. And it’s in that knowing that I find peace in every situation I find myself in.

Peace within, to be able to forgive and let go… and to me… that is priceless.

Regardless of what you have been taught, what you tell yourself, what you have believed in the past – surely, SURELY, believing that you are more powerful, capable and brilliant and guided and loved, no matter what – SURELY that is so much better than “playing” in the dark and allowing the dark to take control.

Coz what I have come to notice in my 46+ years on this planet is that those who do not believe in something bigger than themselves, remain lost, stuck and uncertain of their future and how to change their circumstances.

Try it… seriously, it is so much simpler than you realise and SO worth every second.

Power to you!

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