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Age is just a number...

Getting older is a gift denied to many

So when I hear people saying things like, I’m getting so old it’s all down hill from here!

And they are only 30,40,50,60... it makes me pretty sad

At what point in life did we figure that ageing is a bad thing?

There is so much to gain from getting older!

At what point did we get to 50 and decide it’s all down hill from here?


There is actually SO much to gain from ageing, or I like to call it maturing, and so much to look forward to.

Why would be put a negative spin on it.

Why would we focus on all that could go wrong, rather than all the can go well.

How is focusing on the negative helping us mentally, physically or spiritually to age gracefully. With health, fitness and vitality - which is what we all hope, wish and pray for.

Coz beautiful people...

It all begins with us and the energy we put into our lives

If we focus on the shit, that’s what we will see, feel and get more of

If we believe that life gets harder as you get older, that’s what we will get.

Life, at ANY age, has its challenges.

Think about that for a minute.

Learning to walk wasn’t much fun, all that falling over!

Teenage years are challenging - all the changes in your body, making the right friends, finding your boundaries and everything else that goes with it.

Your twenties are challenging - figuring out a career, money, friendships, partnerships, yourself, changes in your body.

Your thirties are challenging - careers, partners, budgets, a family, children and more changes in your body.

Your forties are challenging - more changes in your body, possibly dealing with your own teenagers, dealing with possible regrets, maybe changing careers

Fifties are challenging... MORE changes in your body, your finances, your family...

You get the gist of it...

If you take care of yourself... your health and your mental, physical and spiritual well being, you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges life brings.

No matter how old you are!

And the sooner you start the better!!!

It starts and ends with us.

Which fire are you feeding? Coz it’s the one you feed that gets bigger.

We can all live to be well over a hundred, and still be healthy and happy. If that's the fire we feed.

Changes in your body and how to deal with the positively is just one of the things I’m covering in my free program on the 30 November

Notice it’s something that comes up at every stage of your life.

How are you looking after you?

That’s something else that is important at every stage of your life.

The better you look after you, the better your life will be

If you are interested in getting in line for the link please PM me and I will put you on the list.

Because beautiful people, you are worth it!

Big love to you all


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