Changing your happiness cycle

Sometimes I have no idea what is going to come out when I sit down to write.

And then something like this happens…

My heart is full of gratitude right now.

There is so very much I am grateful for in my life.

No, life is not perfect – but it doesn’t have to be for me to feel grateful, coz I have so, so much to be grateful for!

And I find the more grateful I am, the more I find to be grateful for.

It’s a beautiful circle of positivity that helps keep me going, particularly on the days that can be pretty tough.

When life has a wobble and you find yourself having to deal with shit that comes up, it’s so very easy to focus on the shittiness of life.

Particularly coz it’s all around us.

Everywhere you look, what you watch, listen to or what you read, you’ll soon be reminded of how awful things are.

There is so much that reminds us of the shittiness we are surrounded by.

And if we allow ourselves, we can easily become swamped by it all, with the feeling of no way out and helplessness that can come with it.

Doom and gloom can end up taking over your life and a lot of the time we don’t even realize it.

We don’t realize that it’s what WE are feeding ourselves that is making us sick.

And no, it’s not just our food either, although for a lot of us, THAT needs to change too!

It’s what we are feeding our brains too…

The food we eat, the stuff we listen to, what we read, who we follow, who we hang with, the music we listen too

It ALL makes a difference in how WE see the world.

Coz ultimately at the end of it all, it is OUR job as an adult, to ensure what we feed ourselves is positive, healthy, good, clean food and information.

We can’t feed ourselves shit and expect to be healthy and to have a happy life.

So many people wonder why they end up sick and feel surrounded by shittiness, yet fail to look at their lifestyle and what they’ve been feeding themselves.

Science studies show that the body, mind and spirit are connected to what we engage with, mentally and physically and how negative energy can and does make us sick.

And yet, we keep doing it and expect quick fixes.

I am going to eat shit, drink shit, not exercise and fill my mind with negative shit and then wonder why I end up getting sick and feeling depressed!

And then we expect a pill to sort our issues out. Coz a quick fix is way easier than taking the time to work on ourselves and make some changes.

Thing is most pills need other pills to counteract the effects of the initial pill you take for whatever ailment you have.

So rather than taking one pill, you can end up taking a whole lot of them! With not many of them being good for you.

Take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually and you WILL notice a positive difference in your life.

Change what you are doing for you NOW, so you CAN change the path you are on.

It all starts and ends with US! You and me.

We’ve been blessed with the ability to make choices – how about we make wise ones that help us to be happy, healthy and successful in this life we’ve been blessed with.

Coz then beautiful people we will be more likely to be more grateful and will start up that beautiful circle of positivity. And THAT really does help us through all that life brings.

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