How far should you push yourself?

I don’t mean at the gym or when you need to do something that you don’t want to do – that’s a good kind of pushing, that’s pushing through negative self-talk.

I mean, when you are sick and you need to rest, but decide to try push through

And rather than rest and recoup, you end up going to work or attending that meeting or fetching the kids from school or taking them to a party/sport/friends… and not taking any time out to recoup at all!

This used to be me! The classic pusher througher!

And what did it get me?

Acclaim? Nope

Appreciation? A little, sometimes, very often, none

Better health? Nope

What it did was in fact ensure that I stayed sick for longer than I needed to and made doing anything and everything harder than it needed to be!


Because I wasn’t actually listening to my body and resting when I needed to.

Yes I get it, sometimes it is not always possible to take time off, be it for work or for family - it can get a little tricky

Thing is we so often think that pushing through is better than taking time off to heal - that we don’t have TIME to take off to heal

But here’s the thing, if we don’t take a day or two off to heal… we may be forced to take a few weeks off

Our bodies are funny like that.

You can only push them so far

You can only NOT care for them for so long

And then… they talk back, in fact they SHOUT!

(yes our bodies communicate with us! If we take time to listen and hear)

And before you know it, you have no choice BUT to take time off to heal – coz your body as said THAT’S IT! I’m DONE! LISTEN!

I’ve finally learned to listen

And sometimes my body is saying it’s my mind that is needing the break and sometimes I know it’s my body

So what do you do?

You can’t just keep getting sick and taking time off to heal and then go right back into the cycle of not taking better care of yourself

That cycle ensures that you will get old and sick a lot faster than you need or want to

Coz darling people, it ALL begins with YOU!

What are YOU doing for YOU?

How and what are you feeding your body?

How and what are you feeding your mind?

It ALL counts! Its ALL connected!

And there is a LOT you can do to ensure you stay strong, fit and healthy – regardless how old you are! And are able to actually hear your body when he/she talks to you.

I am running an online course to go through just that! Watch this space for further details.

Coz, life is too short! And we don’t have another body to swap to when the current one we have craps out.



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