How good are you at forgiveness?

Forgiving others...

And yourself !

I can’t say I have ever met someone that has been a good forgiverer. (Yes new word, your welcome )

I used to be so much better at forgiving others, than I was forgiving myself.

And yet it took me time to learn to try forgive others.

And sometimes, forgiving was more like forgetting… forgetting them or what they had done.

Sometimes that meant just not seeing them as often or not being in contact with them again.

All very well, but how exactly is that dealing with what has been done so you can actually let go of it?

Coz what’s not dealt with, hangs about and makes a nuisance of itself.

Often coming out in different areas of our lives.

It doesn’t just go away coz you’ve decided u will just forget about it…

If only it was that easy!

It took me a long time to figure that out.

If you aren’t dealing with it, you aren’t healing it.

Stuff happens to us for a reason.

To teach us something we need to learn.

So by not dealing with whatever it is, by trying to ignore it or forget it, just means it will come up in different ways, until you learn the lesson it’s there for.

Urgh! So fucking annoying aye!

I’m still working in this one. I’m much better at being a forgiverer than I used to be.

For others and myself…but I’m by no means ‘there’ yet.

Still learning them lessons.

Biggest hugs


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