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Is this the year?

It's 2023! And we are halfway through January already! Yikes!

And yes, the fact that we have not sent out an updated blog for a while is not lost on us.

See, we decided not to rush into it this year. Usually at the end of a year and beginning of a new one there is SO much to do!

We usually want to share, particularly about celebrating the achievements of the year that's been and making time to be clear of what we are calling in for the new year. That certainly hasn't changed.

We have journaled about achievements that we are proud of in 2022 and celebrated the year that was. Yes, there were some truly

difficult moments, but there were also many more magical ones.

We like to focus on those more, but also acknowledge the difficult moments we learned and lived through.

We've also got clear of what we want to attract in 2023 - yet something is different...

Firstly, we are not beating ourselves up for any goals that we didn't achieve last year. And although we are clear of what we want to achieve this year we are approaching goals with a bit more flexibility than we have done in previous years.

Because life changes and shit happens and as much as you want to achieve certain goals, timing of when you do that is not necessarily up to us, is it.

So yes! Be clear on your goals and work on them, but if timelines change or you need to adapt and change them, then let's be ok with that too.

And THAT is one of our main goals for ourselves this year - be kinder to ourselves, look after our health and energy more and ensure we take time out for ourselves more regularly.

It's a big year for us - Kim is going to be 50 in a few months (whoop whoop!), our youngest daughter turns 21 this year and Kim's Dad turns 80 this year - plus we have a BIG new project we are starting on too, along with finishing off the last one we are busy with AND Kim will be adding a few more things to the services she offer's for Curves with Confidence.

One step at a time, one goal at a time - taking them in our stride. Coz it's great to celebrate the completion of a goal, but it's just as important to celebrate the steps taken and the journey along the way too.

So lovely people, here is wishing you a wonderful 2023!

Make this year count! Choose how you spend your time wisely and make sure you make taking care of yourself a priority!

And of course, if you are needing help - get in touch! Kim has some amazing online programs available to help you with a range of challenges and if they aren't what you are looking for, let's have a chat and see if there is something else she can help you with.

Life begins with you - make it count!

Kim & John

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