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Loving you ❤

It’s all about self love!


It’s how your world will show up for you.

It’s how we feel about ourselves.

Coz the more we love who we are, the more love and energy we have to give others.

I finally get it!

As women we are pulled in many directions (often at the same time! ) and are expected to cope with them all.

We often put ourselves last or we don’t come into the equation at all!

Not making time for ourselves, putting everyone and everything first.

Feeling a tinge of guilt if we take time out for us, just to be.

Giving our precious time to everyone but us.

That used to be me!

Forever judging myself about how I looked and how I was coping, yet I would never judge anyone else like that. Ever!

Funny isn’t it.

Well, not really.

But it’s true for so many of us...

We judge ourselves speak to ourselves criticise ourselves And hate on ourselves

Yet would never do that to anyone else.

How awful, imagine doing all that to someone?

And yet...

It’s ok to be hurtful to me

It’s taken a lot of coaching, learning, growth and development to start treating me better.

To start loving me and appreciating my uniqueness

Figuring it all out and then forgiving me for it all and finding my voice!

What a process it is for so many beautiful women. And still is for me too.

A daily commitment to my me time is what gets me through it all.

So I can finally love me

It’s why I’m doing a free Masterclass on just this!! Particularly for women in their 30s or 40 and over

Putting myself and my story out there, no matter how scared I am!

There are too many hurting women out there not knowing where to start.

Perhaps my story can help...

If this sounds like you, please, please, PLEASE!! Join me on the 13 Sept @ 7pm NZST. I will go through what I do that helps me through challenging phases in my life.

Click on the zoom link below:

Or PM me and we can have a chat.

Coz you are worth it



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