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Needing more energy?

Be honest…

Are you pressing the snooze button more than you should every morning?

Do you find yourself complaining before your day has even begun?

Are you checking your email or scrolling through your phone before you’ve even washed your face?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be missing out on one of THE most important things that can determine the rest of your day…OR... the rest of your life if I'm really honest.

And THAT is having a good, productive morning routine!

Sure, there may be nothing wrong with checking your email and making it part of your morning routine, but it can (and very often does) start your day in stress mode from the get-go. And who wants that!

Fortunately we have the power to control that.

So, instead, you can help set yourself up for success and start your day with something that uplifts you, nourishes your body and mind and helps you to fill your day with positivity and energy, so you are able to tackle any challenges ahead.

Here are 6 of my easy and quick go-to's that have helped me change my life:

1. Express gratitude - It's easy to sometimes forget how amazing it is to simply wake up to a new day and be grateful for being alive! Every morning before you get up, repeat this aloud a few times: “I AM grateful for this day” and see how your day changes. It really is a great way to start your morning and even has the power to put you in a better mood. 2. Set your intention for the day with a success mindset - Think about it for a minute. Every single thing that has been created on earth started with a single thought and that thought carried an intention. We shape our life experiences in this way too. If you intend for something to happen, you are likely to take the necessary steps to create that change in your life. So before you start on your journey, ask yourself, ‘What do I intend to get done today?’ 3. Smile - Smiling has been shown to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and boost our immune systems! And as a bonus, it's super easy to do! So you will be doing yourself a massive favor by smiling, even if it’s for no reason. Plus, it’s really difficult to stay angry when you’re smiling. 4. Stretch - Stretching in the morning helps melt away any grogginess and helps you ‘warm up’ your mind for a productive day ahead. And it doesn't have to take long! So, before you hop in the shower, start by bending at your waist and touching your feet a few times (or get as close as you can), remember to bend your knees slightly and just let your head and neck hang for a few minutes. Doing a few stretches every morning will also help you release any mental tension, help make you stronger and get your blood circulating. I LOVE doing yoga or pilates in the morning. Even if it's only for 10-20 minutes, it gets my blood circulating, stretches and strengthens my muscles and gets my heart pumping. 5. Start with a clean slate - Everyday is a new day. Remind yourself that every morning is a new opportunity to start fresh. Forget yesterday, forgive yourself and start over. You've got this! 6. Connect with yourself - While you brew your coffee or tea or wait for the kids to brush their teeth, take some time to breathe. Close your eyes and connect with the present moment, take a few slow, deep breaths and savor it. Take these few minutes doing the above to focus and get your mind clear.

Practicing these 6 actions regularly (ideally daily) will transform them into solid habits.

Starting your day on a positive note, knowing you have done something for yourself, sets you up for a successful, productive, happier day, which in turn sets your LIFE into the more successful, happier, healthier, productive life that you crave!

And all this increases your confidence, self love and positivity which in itself has so many benefits for you.

So beautiful people, go forth and try these super easy and yes, quick actions. You will see positive changes in your life before you know it. And of course, if you are needing help or are wanting to work with me personally, please PM me and we can start a chat.

Biggest hugs to you all



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