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Never give up!

When I started my journey of self awareness, forgiveness and self love I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing what I am doing now.

Sharing myself, my story and my curves on platforms that connect the world to who you are! 😬

I would rather have died than showed off myself or my curves. I was often well and truly hidden.

Back then, big bums, big boobs and big lips were not in. Let alone a strong mind and a big laugh.

Well I didn’t think they were and it’s certainly not what the media was pushing at the time.

Skinny was in! And that I was not!

It’s taken many years of personal development, healing, letting go and coaching to help me truly love who I am and the skin I am in.

How perfect my imperfections are for me.

How unique they make me.

And now I truly believe my purpose is to help others do the same thing.

They say try things, don’t live with regret.

That’s something I am truly proud of myself for doing.

Giving it a go.

Trying new things.

Putting myself out there, even when I didn’t think I was ready.

Even when I was, and often am, scared!!!

Getting back up when I’ve fallen or failed.

And above all else, believing in myself when I wasn’t sure anyone else did.

Hang in there beautiful.

If you aren’t loving you, celebrating your uniqueness and loving the skin you are in yet, there is still hope and time to do so!

Life is too short to live with regrets, to not do what you really want and to not love who you are.

And if you need help… well you are in the right place. Just reach out 💖

Coz life is WAY more fun when you love you!


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