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Ohhh I have been procrastinating...

Hello everyone,

It's great when you actually catch yourself doing something that is self-sabotaging isn't it!

For me it means growth!

To be able to see what I'm doing and then take action to sort it.

Before, yes, well I didn't even see it, so how do I fix it...?

We have to celebrate the wins!

So yes! Back to the procrastinating.

See I’m wanting to put on another couple of free live online webinar sessions.

I thought it would be great to share about how I keep my energy up and what I do to protect it, in an easy to do, no fuss way.

Coz not sure about you, but I can always do with MORE positive energy in my life! And I do all I can to ensure I have that!

I am often asked how I manage to stay so upbeat and energetic.

Well... I'm gonna tell you.

It’s a subject I am passionate about and something I practice on a daily basis.

It is completely in-line with how I want to help people to improve their confidence and love the skin they are in – coz the more positive energy we have, well... the better we feel - about ourselves and the world around us.

So why would I not?

So WHY then am I procrastinating?

I know what I need to do, I’ve even written out the program!

I just needed to set a date and start telling people about it… and yet, I didn't. I sat… not committing to a date, not saying too much. Not letting people know.

Why would that be?

Is it fear of failure? Fear of nobody being interested. Fear of making an ass of myself online?

Well, been there, done that, many times before and it hasn’t stopped me from sharing.

Coz those that need and want to hear what I share, do.

So, I guess this is a little nudge I’m giving myself – to get going!



If you are interested in increasing your positive energy and protecting it in simple, easy, fast ways, then join me for the first free session on Sunday, 5th December @ 7:30pm (New Zealand standard time) in the Curves with Confidence with Kim Smith Facebook group.

THERE, I’ve done it!

Committed a date and a time! And telling you beautiful people about it - feel free to share.

So why the procrastination?

I guess I just had to get out of my own damn way and had to stop letting fear take the driving seat!

Just shows, no matter how long you have been doing what you are doing (and I've been doing this a looooong time), fear can come along and push you off course and whisper all sorts of rubbish in your ear.

Good to know I can now stop it and send it packing! Even though sometimes it may take a little while!

Hope you can join me! Pop it in your calendar now.

Biggest hugs Kim

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