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Stop Apologizing!

It’s taken me way too long to just be confident to be myself!

For so very long I tried to dull myself down.

Being told by someone very close to me that I’m too much. That my positivity and energy is overwhelming and can turn people off!

Man did that hurt!

And immediately I thought, I need to change!

Until I finally realized that those people I turn off are just not my people.

And that’s just fine. Nothing against them at all.

I will not apologize for being me!

I have a loud laugh, which I was self conscious about for the longest time.

I have a big, bubbly, positive personality and I have lots of positive energy.

Along with the natural physical gifts of big lips, big boobs and a big bum that I’ve been blessed with - I am finally happy to be me!

And if I can help just one other person feel the same, then why not?!

Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.

My next online program about being confident and positive is coming up on the 27 August at 7:30pm NZST in my Facebook group - be sure to join me.

And if you want to connect with me personally, send me a PM and we can have a chat.

Biggest hugs to you all


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