What you think you attract…

Happy 2022!

Most of us are trying our best

To make the most out of life, to appreciate what we have, to be good, kind, honest, caring people

To do the right thing and to attract more positive energy into our lives

However, some peeps are just doing the bare minimum.

Generally focusing on how tough their lives are

How awful someone treated them

How much they don’t want to go to work

How much they dislike whatever it is

Moaning, whining, whinging

And then wondering why life isn’t changing

Why they aren’t getting a break

Why life is so tough

Why money isn’t easier to come by

Why so many people are arseholes

And on and on it goes…

The vicious circle of negativity that happens to all of us, if we allow it.

And it’s sneaky, the negative thoughts and moaning and groaning.

It can just take one negative thought and then next thing that’s all you end up thinking about

How bad everything is

How hard life is

How unfair it all is

And then, that’s what you attract more of!!!

So I say again, what you think about, you attract

What you fill your mind with, is what you are asking for in your life

SOOO many of us don’t realise that and give away our energy and power without realising it

It’s the power of energy.

We can either use it to our benefit, or our demise

It’s why, this year, I am committed to learning more about the power of energy and how I can continue to help myself grow in the direction I want and attract more positive abundance into my life.

And of course, help those that want to, to do the same.

Coz beautiful people, life is too bloomim short to be attracting the shit we don’t want!

Here’s to more magic, miracles and blessings for us all 😊

much love



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