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Where has the time gone? 😮

23 April 2022 was 20 years from the time John and I first landed in New Zealand.

I think we are still pinching ourselves that it's actually been that long.

And boy, what a ride it has been for all of us!

From the first time we decided we were going to leave South Africa, to figuring out where we wanted to go, to getting ALL the stuff together to get here, it seems quite surreal really.

Anyone who has immigrated will know what a massive undertaking it is to move to another country.

We took this a step further and a) moved to a country we'd never been to before b) we didn't have any close friends or family in said country and c) the creme de la creme... I was 8 months pregnant by the time we landed in New Zealand, with a little 3 year old in tow.


We are SO very proud of ourselves for taking that giant scary leap - despite the negative comments from so many family and friends and the challenges we faced along the way, we stuck with it.

Starting our lives again, in a new country, with a VERY young family is not for the faint hearted.

We did it! And 20 years on, we are still thrilled and proud to call New Zealand our home.

Grateful for where we live!

As scary as it was at the time, as heartbreaking as it was leaving our family, friends and the security of what we knew in the country of our birth, we would not have it any other way.

Regardless of the many challenges we have faced, it has cemented one thing for us both, that we are capable of ANYTHING once we put our minds to it and take action to actually make it happen and stick with it!

See, you can talk about it, wish for it, pray for it, but until you actually DO something about it, nothing will change.

All it takes is that one thought and then that one step and then, hey... 20 years later you look back at how far you've come with pride!

A reminder of the strength we have and what we are capable of.

Here's to the next 20 years!

Ching Ching

Kim & John

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